How Much CBD Should I Take?

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The world of CBD is so new and is already ever-evolving. With hemp prohibition only recently lifted, the Food and Drug Administration has been slow on the regulation of CBD products. In fact, they just signed off on their first CBD pharmaceutical this year. Therefore, many that are new to CBD products are unsure of how much to use. No need to worry. Let’s break down how much CBD you should take.

Will CBD Get Me High?

The biggest concern for new CBD users revolves around the psychoactive stigma surrounding the Cannabis sativa plant. These concerns are why many are so worried about taking CBD properly. While taking the correct serving size for any supplement is pivotal for optimal results, it has nothing to do with making sure CBD doesn’t get you high.
The reason for this is that CBD just doesn’t get you high. This is why hemp products are now legal in all 50 states. Just like melanin is the molecule that makes some peoples’ skin appear darker than others and beta-carotene is the molecule in carrots that makes it a healthy food choice for eye health, cannabis has unique molecules in its genetic makeup.
112 phytocannabinoids within Cannabis sativa make this genus of plant extremely unique. Of these 112 plant molecules, there are two that are most synonymous with cannabis.
They are:

The first molecule, THC, is the cannabinoid responsible for the ban on cannabis. Derived from the female marijuana plant, THC has psychoactive abilities. When it enters your bloodstream, these compounds react with your cannabinoid receptors and create a high feeling throughout the body.
While THC is predominant in the marijuana plant, it’s barely traceable in Cannabis sativa’s hemp counterpart. Instead, this predominantly CBD-rich plant contains less than 0.3% THC.
Under the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp is a highly regulated product. Any plant matter that contains more than 0.3% THC is deemed marijuana.

How to Take CBD

There are many ways to supplement with CBD. We will break down the top three. For one, you can take a capsule. This is an easy way to add CBD to your supplement routine. Just throw it in your daily pill case with the rest of your meds and you’re good to go.

Taking CBD softgels is a great way to get time-released benefits of CBD. Swell CBD softgels are formulated using nanoemulsion technology. This blasts CBD into smaller particles than any other CBD product on the market.

Having these tiny particles goes a long way in prolonging the effects of CBD. That’s because fewer cannabinoids are getting burned off by stomach acids in one swoop. As soon as the pill hits your acid and explodes, more little pieces are scattered throughout the atmosphere rather than larger chunks getting burned off right away.

Another favorite way to use CBD is a topical. CBD salves are ideal for those who are suffering from injuries, joint pain or skin conditions. That’s because right under the epidermis are those cannabinoid receptors we talked about. That’s right! The skin has its own endocannabinoid system.

Hey, being the largest organ on your body, can you blame it? That’s a lot of ground to cover. Of course, the skin needs the watchful eye of cannabinoid receptors! By using a CBD salve, the cannabinoids penetrate the skin. Since there are cannabinoid receptors right there, the CBD doesn’t need to travel far to start working.

Lastly, you can instantly receive CBD benefits by using oral supplements such as a CBD vape pen or CBD tinctures. Hiding under your tongue is a sensitive skin barrier known as the sublingual pathway.

When the CBD from vape smoke or the cannabinoids present in a tincture sits in this little pocket, the blood vessels on the other side of this thin layer of skin quickly suck up the CBD. This is the fastest way to get your CBD benefits but also means the effects will wear off quicker.

How to Decide on CBD Serving Size

Now that you know the “Who,” What,” “Where” and “Why” of CBD, let’s break down the how. How do you choose your ideal serving size of CBD? First, let’s start with the recipient.

When you are taking CBD, you have to keep in mind how large the mammal consuming the product is. For instance, dogs and children are much smaller than grown adults. Therefore, their livers are much smaller. It will take more work for their organs to break down the cannabinoids properly in comparison to a large adult.

This is why Swell CBD has pet treats with a set serving size. You just need to follow the instructions to ensure your dog gets the benefits it deserves. This is especially crucial in the case of pets. Much like dogs have a heightened sense of smell, they also have more sensitive endocannabinoid systems. Therefore, the effects of CBD naturally have a greater potency to dogs. There are no known cases of overdosing with CBD, but too much CBD for your pet may cause some unwanted side effects like diarrhea or excessive sleepiness.

Another consideration is the reason you are supplementing with CBD in the first place. If you are only combating mild symptoms of nausea or a slight cramp, then you don’t need a high amount of CBD. For more severe conditions, you may need a higher amount of CBD — it’s best to consult with a doctor knowledgeable in CBD use.

Last, but certainly not least, you want to work your way up. Just like dipping a toe in the water helps build up the nerve of dealing with frigid temperatures, the same goes for CBD serving sizes. Instead of going with high amounts and potentially wasting product when you don’t need to, work your way up to the serving size that is best for you.

When you start using CBD products, try a 5 mg serving. If you feel that 5 mg is sufficient for your needs, then you are good to go. From there, go up 5 mg at a time.

Industry-standard for most single servings of CBD is 10 mg. There is no risk of overdosing on CBD. You may feel a little tired or get dry mouth if you take too much, but there is no recorded instance of a fatal CBD overdose. Therefore, going over 10 mg and realizing you hit your plateau isn’t going to hospitalize you. Just know for the next time that 10 mg is your sweet spot before the benefits start feeling less beneficial.

Keep in mind that your body gets used to things with time and you may not feel the effects of CBD right away. On a related note, there has been no evidence that people who take CBD regularly grow a tolerance to it.

On average, adults use 10 mg supplements 1 to 2 times per day for maximum effectiveness. For those with larger body weights, it’s not uncommon to double the aforementioned daily serving size. Whatever you do, you can enjoy CBD without the risk of overdosing or feeling high!